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Natasha Rice



I'm a fun loving hard working girl, i love all aspects of the country life, thats the way i have grown up. i love all animals and working with them every day, i spend almost all my time with my work dogs and on my horses outside in the paddock with the cattle working the dogs and horses. i love the land and everything that goes with it.


Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: August, 1998
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

Central West, NSW


Stable Work
Equine Hoof Care
Work Horse in Yard
Horse Drenching
Horse Nutrition
Show/Match/Sale Day Preparation
Mucking Out Stables
Horse Mustering
Driver License
Best Practice Animal Welfare
Stock Handling Experience
Horse Experience
Lamb Marking
. . .
Able to Ride Horse
Feedlot Operations
Sheep Drenching
Cattle Drenching
Mastitis Detection
Livestock Handling - Sheep
Livestock Handling - Cattle
Livestock Handling - Goats
Yardwork - Sheep
Yardwork - Cattle
Cattle Vaccination
Sheep Vaccination
Cattle Mustering
Have Good Working Dogs
Calve Marking


Narrabri High

HSC Agriculture
February 7 2011 - September 22 2016

Recent Jobs

Casual farm hand


3D dorper

October 2012 - December 2016

Casual farm hand


Bobbiwaa pastorsal co

April 2014 - September 2016


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Bill Guest, Farmer

Natasha worked for me on and off doing some casual stock work including some work experience while she was at school. She worked in all aspects of stock work. She is capable, she just pokes away. She loves animals. She did everything you asked her to. You asked her to move cattle she'd move them or ask her to muster a paddock and she'd muster it. She was quite young and just gathering experience when she worked for us.

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