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Gareth Williams



Ex chef of ten yrs , 5 yrs experience in civil construction, Machinery tickets and machinery orientated. Have experience in Tractor operations and gps guidance. Winter cropping experience and Summer cropping , cotton experience. Soil preparation experience. General workshop experience and farm duties.


Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: September, 1980
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

Central Queensland, QLD
Darling Downs, QLD
North Queensland, QLD
South East Queensland, QLD
Far North Queensland, QLD
South West Queensland, QLD
Mackay, QLD
Issac, QLD
Whitsundays, QLD
Wide Bay Burnett, QLD
North Coast, NSW
Central Coast, NSW
Sydney, NSW
Blue Mountains, NSW
South Coast, NSW
Illawarra, NSW
Central West, NSW
South Highlands, NSW
Southern Tablelands, NSW
Monaro, NSW
North West Slope, NSW
Riverina, NSW
Orana, NSW
Far West, NSW
New England, NSW

Certificates & Licenses

CertIII civil construction
Machinery tickets


Umina high

Yr 10
May 16 1991 - May 16 2008

Recent Jobs



Pro build civil

March 2011 - December 2014



Cotton farm narromine

October 2016 - December 2016

Tractor operator / machinery operator / farm hand


Uri Park Pastoral

December 2016 - April 2017


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Rob Collins, Pro Build Civil

He worked for me as a civil labourer in civil construction. He operated rollers, escavators, manual handlers etc. He'd come from being a chef so it was new to him. He picked it up straight away, was a quick learner and capable on the machines. He was a hard worker and worked long hours without complaining. He was friendly and outgoing. He worked with me for about 2 years . I would have him back anyday. He's a genuine, overall nice guy.

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He's been working on my cotton farm mainly tractor driving. He's good. A quick learner.

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Ben Shaw

Gareth work for me for 4 months doing tractor work. He was a hard worker that would do about 60hrs a week no problem. He was pretty good with the machinery and was a quick learner. I only had two employees and Gareth was working on his own most of the time.

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