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hi i am a 27yo hard working fellow with a partner and a 2 1/2yo daughter. i am currently look for a farm/station hand position. i have a hr licence and in the process to obtain a mc licence. have worked as a fencing contractor and don't mind the sun and abit of hard labour. i have experience with all aspects of cattle as i grew up on my grandparents hereford stud [wollumbin hereford stud]. i have experience with farm/plant machinery and some knowledge on cropping and irrigation. i strive on the quality of work i produce and have a strong attention to detail. i am happy to give any new task a go.


Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: November, 1991
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

Sydney, NSW
Illawarra, NSW
Central West, NSW
South Highlands, NSW
Southern Tablelands, NSW
Monaro, NSW
Riverina, NSW
Far West, NSW
New England, NSW

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Jason worked with me in my fencing contracting business about two years ago, he was with me for about 18 months. He did a bit of everything, driving tractors, post hole diggers, running wires. Work ethic was always pretty good, you have to give him a lot of direction. Once he has it and is on task he is good, just needs some help keeping on task from time to time. He was always punctual and reliable, never had a sick day or anything. Communication was good, he had a few hiccups and always came to me and owned up straight away. He was pretty green when he started with me but was really willing to learn and have a go. I have no dramas recommending him.

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