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Matthew Jones



Fencing, welding, machinery operator, mustering, stock work, experienced horse rider, some cropping, chainsaw experience, qualified cattle preg testing, chemical certificate, able to ride motorbike, basic computer skills


Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: January, 1993
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

North Coast, NSW
New England, NSW

Certificates & Licenses

Certificate 3 Agriculture
Certificate 3 Horse Husbandry

Recent Jobs



Pete LeBreton landscape services

May 2011 - January 2019


Missing worker profile photo


I have known Matt Jones for around ten (10) years. During this period he has been agisting cattle on our property and I have found him to be a stable, mature and respectful individual. Matt is energetic, trustworthy and is a dedicated husband and father with high moral standards. He has excellent team and leadership skills and an ability to change and cope with whatever tasks or events may happen to collide during planned works for the day or week ahead. Regarding animal husbandry he has exceptional skills and knowledge which has been instilled in Matt at a very young age. Caring for animals of all types has been a part of the Jones & Sons family business. Working in the family business Matt has developed high standards with work. There is a variety of diverse opportunities which include all aspects of cattle management, agricultural and pasture improvements including developing and maintaining varied crops. Matt also operates part of a family team operating and milling timber with onsite timber mill producing all standards of landscaping and high standard hardwood for building. His other interest has been ongoing commitment with understanding and breeding livestock, training and breeding stock horses and I believe he has a range of rare skills for his age. Over the past ten (10) years Matt has repaired various plant items on our property including tractors of varied manufactures including slashers and spreaders items such as skid steer bobcats and hydraulic slasher, augers and spreaders. He has excellent plant operation skills and knowledge with front end loaders and attachments of varied types. He operates a 20-tonne excavator which the family owns. He also operates skidders, dozers and cattle truck tippers up to heavy combination. Matt can carry out most onsite mechanical repairs for tractors, vehicles and associated plant items including servicing pumps and general maintenance. Matt has held the position of Maintenance Officer at our local bushfire brigade and has excellent knowledge and experience in bushfire suppression and hazard reduction works. He is a valued member and respected by his bushfire station colleges. Any employer who has the opportunity would benefit greatly from having Matt join their team.

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