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Nicholas Ower




Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: October, 1988
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

North Coast, NSW
Central Coast, NSW
Sydney, NSW
Blue Mountains, NSW
South Coast, NSW
Illawarra, NSW
Central West, NSW
South Highlands, NSW
Southern Tablelands, NSW
Monaro, NSW
North West Slope, NSW
Riverina, NSW
Orana, NSW
Far West, NSW
New England, NSW

This person is not available for work on the following dates:

20 October 2018 - 04 November 2018


Plant and Equipment Maintenance
Mechanical Ability
Labouring Experience
Sowing/Seeding Experience
Grain Sampling
Machinery Operation Experience
Fodder Handling
Chaser Bin Driving
GPS equipment use
Seeding Operations
Grain Handling
Agronomic knowledge
Harvest Experience
On-Farm Truck driving
Chemical Loading/Mixing
Tractor Driver
Pest Control
Chainsaw Operations
Forklift Operator
Machinery Maintenance
Change Oil/Filter on Machinery
Knowledge of best practice OH&S
Best Practice Animal Welfare
Stock Handling Experience
Wool Handling
Lamb Marking
Motorbike Experience
Feedlot Operations
Cattle Drenching
Livestock Handling - Sheep
Livestock Handling - Cattle
Yardwork - Sheep
Yardwork - Cattle
Cattle Vaccination
Sheep Vaccination
Cattle Mustering
Sheep Mustering
Telehandler Experience
Understanding of Safe Working Loads
Front End Loader Experience
Tractor Experience
Tractor Operations

Certificates & Licenses

Prepare & Apply Chemical Accreditation,
Transport & Store Chemicals

Recent Jobs

Farm hand


G&C Readford

May 2017 - September 2018


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Nick Ower

Nick worked on and off, part time for us for about two years. Mostly, stock work, fencing, weed control, feeding sheep, not a lot of farming but he did help me prepare equipment and machinery. When he came here he knew nothing, he learnt a lot quite quickly, when he left I would have said his skills were a 7/10. He was very reliable, punctual and trustworthy. He worked alongside me and my wife mostly, occasionally when we were lamb marking and things there would be a few more blokes and he always got on well with everyone, never any dramas. I’d recommend him for future employment.

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