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Henry lotz




Country of Origin: Australia
DOB: November, 2000
Has own transport:
Has own Accommodation:
Grew up on farm:

Willing to Work

Central West, NSW
Southern Tablelands, NSW
Monaro, NSW
Riverina, NSW

This person is not available for work on the following dates:

14 August 2018 - 30 December 2018


Machinery Operation Experience
Tractor Driver
Chainsaw Operations
First Aid Certificate
Forklift Operator
Driver License
Change Oil/Filter on Machinery
Loader Operations
Excavator Operations
Yardwork - Sheep
Yardwork - Cattle
Cattle Mustering
Tractor Experience
Baler/Slasher Experience
Tractor Operations


cranbrook school

HSC certificate
February 27 2012 - August 14 2018

Recent Jobs

operations assistant


rod pilon transports

December 2017 - November 2018


Missing worker profile photo

Rod Pilon

Henry has worked on and off for me for about a year, unfortunately he has to go to school otherwise I would put him on permanently. He is a good, strong young lad, a hard worker. He is very sensible, he drives forklifts, unloads trucks, ties loads down, sweeps the sheds – all manual labour. He is always on time and very reliable, works with 5 or 6 other blokes in the tunnels and he is very well received. I’d love to keep him on, would definitely recommend him.

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