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$25.00 - $35.00/hr

North West Slope, NSW


Pay rate: $25.00 - $35.00/hr

This hourly rate is just a guide. All pay negotiations should be conducted between the worker and employer directly.

Start date: 01/06/2019
Location: North West Slope, NSW
Acommodation provided:


Property Details Two properties: Wimboyne and Yarraman Park located approximately 55 k west of Quirindi on the Bundella Road. Mixed dryland summer and winter cropping and cattle operation on a mix of flat and sloping predominately black vertisol and some red loam soils. Crops include cotton, sorghum, chick peas, mung beans, winter cereals. Pasture crops include established temperate and subtropicals and summer and winter annual forage. Angus and wagyu breeding operation. Job Title Working Manager Job description Reporting to the Directors of the company who are themselves engaged in day to day farm work and business management, be responsible for: Cattle 1. Undertake effective grazing management based on improved and native pasture and related recording 2. Mustering and moving using low stress handling methods 3. Yard work using low stress handling methods and use of established recording systems 4. Bull management 5. Water and fencing inspection 6. Keep records of movements in Agworld app 7. Operate an ordering and inventory system for inputs eg ear tags 8. Forward plan jobs and record their completion 9. Engage with agents and contractors as required 10. Transport of stock as required using company semi. Cash Cropping 1. Support forward planning for crop rotations and contribute to budgeting 2. Be involved with crop agronomist on jobs for each paddock and generate understanding of the science and agronomy behind decisions 3. Apply the Back Paddock system of job scheduling and completion and communication with spray contractors and undertaking spraying as required 4. Undertake fertilizing and planting 5. Logistics management for contractors during planting if required required and harvesting 6. Operate chaser bin and trucks during planting and harvesting 7. Grain handling and fumigation in silos 8. Engage with contractors as required. Pasture Cropping 1. Support the implementation of the summer and winter improved pasture development program 2. Use the Agworld application for recording and management purposes 3. Complete spraying and pasture planting 4. Monitor total dry matter production and ensure grazing management program is effective. Infrastructure 1. Operate systematic inspection and repair system using asset register 2. Carry out repairs as required and consistent with resources and capacity 3. Take on new projects using skills base 4. Maintain the fencing development program 5. Maintain water system 6. Build new infrastructure if required and within resources and capacity 7. Supervise contractors. Machinery and Vehicles 1. Build an effective maintenance and servicing operation 2. Carry out on farm repairs and improvements 3. Maintain all machinery, equipment and vehicle to good standard. Management 1. Develop annual and quarterly budgets with Directors 2. Weekly and monthly meetings with Directors for forward planning and assessment of performance 3. Collect and use data from cash and pasture cropping and livestock operations. Accommodation 1. Three bedroom airconditioned house on Yarraman Park with 2 vehicle garage and storage shed in garden 2. Located on bitumen 52 kms west of Quirindi on Bundella Road and 28kms south east of Spring Ridge and 12 kms from Blackville where primary schools exist. Benefits 1. A competitive benefits package will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

Number of workers needed: 1-2
Number of positions filled: 0


Machinery Operation Experience
Fodder Handling
Chaser Bin Driving
Row crop operations
GPS equipment use
Seeding Operations
Spray Operations
Grain Handling
On-Farm Truck driving
Boom Spray Calibration
Tractor Driver
Pest Control
Chainsaw Operations
Driver License
Machinery Maintenance
Change Oil/Filter on Machinery
Loader Operations
Excavator Operations
Stock Handling Experience
Tilling Experience
MC/HC Truck Driving Experience
Sowing/Seeding Experience
Mechanical Ability
Cattle Drenching
Competency in Grazing/Pasture Management
Livestock Handling - Cattle
Plant and Equipment Maintenance
Harvest Experience
Yardwork - Cattle
Cattle Mustering
Have Good Working Dogs
Calve Marking
Front End Loader Experience
Tractor Experience
Spray Rig Experience
Windrowing Experience
Delivery Site Machinery Operation
Tractor Operations

Job Categories:

Driver & Machinery Operator

Paul and Rosemary Nankivell


5500 acres mixed farming summer and winter cropping no till improved pasture program Angus and wagyu operation

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