Farm Hand Machinery Operator

$22.00 - $32.00/hr

Western District, VIC


Pay rate: $22.00 - $32.00/hr

This hourly rate is just a guide. All pay negotiations should be conducted between the worker and employer directly.

Start date: 27/03/2019
Location: Western District, VIC
Acommodation provided:


mixed farm family operation 80% winter cropping 20% trade sheep all aspects of crop[ing sheep husbandry 30 min Geelong accommodation available

Number of workers needed: 2-5
Number of positions filled: 0


Machinery Operation Experience
GPS equipment use
Seeding Operations
Spray Operations
Grain Handling
Header Driving
On-Farm Truck driving
Chemical Loading/Mixing
Tractor Driver
Machinery Maintenance
Stock Handling Experience
Harvest Experience

Job Categories:

Driver & Machinery Operator
General Farm Work

Charlie Cameron


Mixed farming Cropping and trade sheep

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