$25.00 - $25.00/hr

Alice Springs Region, NT


Pay rate: $25.00 - $25.00/hr

This hourly rate is just a guide. All pay negotiations should be conducted between the worker and employer directly.

Start date: 20/08/2018
Location: Alice Springs Region, NT
Acommodation provided:


We have two irrigation blocks north east of Alice Springs growing a variety of fodder crops and cattle and are looking for EXPERIENCED farming people. We require experience with tractors, haymaking, sowing, raking, planting and general machines operation. Accommodation on site, work vehicle and above award wage. Ready for immediate start. Minimum stay 6 months or longer. This is a permanent or contract position and not suitable for working holiday visa holders. Please note, the hourly rate is a guide only. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Number of workers needed: 2-5
Number of positions filled: 0


Machinery Operation Experience
Hay Baling
Seeding Operations
Baler Experience
Tractor Driver
Machinery Maintenance
Irrigation (Horticulture)
Agronomic knowledge
Sowing/Seeding Experience
Mechanical Ability
Silage Making
Tractor Experience
Harvester Experience
Baler/Slasher Experience
Tractor Operations

Job Categories:

Driver & Machinery Operator
General Farm Work

Janet Chisholm


We have two irrigation farms north east of Alice Springs producing hay/fodder and cattle. The farms are currently in the process of extensive development. Two pivots are in operation producing rhodes grass. Another four pivots are about to go into production with lucerne, legumes, silage and oaten hay. The next stage will be the construction of a feed lot. The existing cattle are grazing on open country.

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