Tractor Driver / Farm hand

$20.00 - $25.00/hr

Central West, NSW


Pay rate: $20.00 - $25.00/hr

This hourly rate is just a guide. All pay negotiations should be conducted between the worker and employer directly.

Start date: 12/04/2018
Location: Central West, NSW
Acommodation provided:


We are looking for a capable worker to join our family run operation. Experience is essential. We require you to be a competent tractor driver, primarily operating John Deere machinery. The main role will be driving the tractor at sowing time, as well as some ground preparation and fertiliser spreading. Some long days will be required as well as working over weekends at times. It would be an advantage if you were willing/able to perform other farm duties when not on a tractor. We also run sheep and cattle, so livestock experience would be useful. You will be expected to maintain personal hygiene as well as keep all vehicles and machinery you use tidy. You will be provided with a house to live in with furniture (basic). Own car is a must for personal use. References will be required.

Number of workers needed: 1-2
Number of positions filled: 0


Sowing/Seeding Experience
Tilling Experience
Machinery Operation Experience
Tractor Driver
Machinery Maintenance
Stock Handling Experience
Livestock Handling - Sheep
Livestock Handling - Cattle
Yardwork - Sheep
Yardwork - Cattle
Tractor Experience
Tractor Operations

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General Farm Work

Richard McKay


Mixed farming, family run operation with a emphasis on broadacre cropping. Crops include canola, wheat, barley and chickpeas. We also run sheep and cattle.

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