Overseer - Giro Station - Gloucester


New England, NSW


Pay rate: $30.00/hr
Start date: 01/01/2018
Location: New England, NSW
Acommodation provided:


Giro Station is run by the Knight family cattle business, both breeding and trading. Giro is a 8000 ha property in the valleys and mountains of the Gloucester district NSW. The successful applicant will be answerable to the manager Rod Knight. We are currently seeking an energetic person with a strong work ethic, good communication skills and capable of working independently. Importantly be an experienced horse rider with good mechanical, maintenance and welding skills. They will be required to manage staff, plan grazing and feed budgeting, record accurate stock numbers and grazing movements and be adept with excel spreadsheets. We will look favourably upon applicants who have completed a Low Stress Stock Handling school and RCS or HRM training. The remuneration package includes a cottage, electricity and other benefits.

Number of workers needed: 2-5
Number of positions filled: 0


Plant and Equipment Maintenance
Mechanical Ability
Computer Skills
Data Entry
On-Farm Truck driving
Motorbike Training
Stable Work
Equine Hoof Care
Work Horse in Yard
Horse Mustering
Tractor Driver
Chainsaw Operations
WHS Training
Driver License
Machinery Maintenance
Knowledge of best practice OH&S
Stock Handling Experience
Horse Experience
Able to Ride Horse
Cattle Drenching
Livestock Handling - Cattle
Yardwork - Cattle
Cattle Vaccination
Cattle Mustering
Calve Marking
Tractor Experience
Tractor Operations

Job Categories:

Equestrian & Horse
Driver & Machinery Operator
General Farm Work
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