Stick Picking and General Farm Labour


Central West, NSW


Pay rate: $25.00/hr
Start date: 30/10/2017
Location: Central West, NSW
Acommodation provided:


We are looking for some hard working individuals who are keen to get stuck in to farm work. The job will involve stick-picking and other general farm labouring work. Applicants should be practical, energetic and willing to work hard. Farm experience isn't a must but is preferable. People with trades are encouraged to apply. Eligible for second year visa sign off.

Number of workers needed: 1-2
Number of positions filled: 0


Labouring Experience
Loader Operations
Excavator Operations
Stock Handling Experience
Livestock Handling - Sheep

Job Categories:

General Farm Work

jbrennan .


Merrimba Station is owned by Paraway Pastoral Company. Merrimba is a large-scale grazing and cropping property set between the towns of Coonamble and Warren in Northern New South Wales. Its primary enterprise is Merino sheep breeding and wool production, although it also runs trade cattle as seasons permit and grows dryland winter crops. The business also manages dryland and irrigation cropping on Buttabone Station, Warren. Paraway owns and operates large-scale sheep and cattle enterprises across Australia. Since its inception in 2007, Paraway has become one of the largest pastoral land owners and operators in Australia, with a total combined land holding of over 4.4 million hectares.

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