Irrigation Farmhand


North West Slope, NSW


Pay rate: $23.00/hr
Start date: 18/09/2017
Location: North West Slope, NSW
Acommodation provided:


We are looking for someone to join our irrigation team to assist with growing and irrigation of the 2017/18 cotton crop. We have just over 1,000ha of irrigated cotton to grow. Irrigation is via a channel system and poly syphons. Accommodation with kitchen facilities are provided on farm and a work vehicle will also be supplied. Own transport is recommended for travelling to and from town for shopping etc. The position will be available form mid September through to March. There would be a possibility for on-going full time employment for the right candidate.

Number of workers needed: 1-2
Number of positions filled: 2


Row crop operations
Knowledge of best practice OH&S
Tractor Operations

Job Categories:

General Farm Work

samheagney .


South Bunarba Agriculture is a mixed farming business owned and operated by the Longworth family. The third and fourth generations are currently involved in the farm. The base for all farming operations is “South Bunarba”, which is situated in north-west NSW, 500km west of Brisbane, 90 km from Moree and 30km from Mungindi. South Bunarba Agriculture operates six properties in the Mungindi area covering a total of approximately 25,000ha. The operations consist of approximately: 13,500 ha of dryland cropping 2,000 ha of irrigation 4,000 ha of grazing The properties operated are South Bunarba, Coolibah, Skibbereen, Jabiru, Yarralumby and Wongwie. Wongwie is owned by Lagnacourt Pastoral Co and managed under a sharefarming arrangement by South Bunarba Agriculture. Coolibah and Skibbereen are dryland properties. South Bunarba, Jabiru, Yarralumby and Wongwie have a combination of dryland and irrigation farming. Cattle are grazed on non-cropping areas of South Bunarba, Skibbereen and Coolibah. Dryland Farming: South Bunarba Agriculture grows dryland crops under a no till, controlled traffic system, aiming to minimise the impacts of soil disturbance and compaction. Most of the soils farmed are deep cracking self-mulching clays. Being relatively “new” farming ground no phosphorus based fertilisers are used and minimal nitrogen based fertilised are required. Agronomic advice is provided by an independent external agronomist based in Moree. A rotation of cereals and legumes are grown, predominantly Wheat, Barley and Chickpeas. Dryland cotton is also grown when suitable soil moisture is available. Opportunity dryland crops like Sorghum, Mungbeans and Sunflowers are also grown. Planting is carried out by South Bunarba Ag, using John Deere tractors and a mixture of disc and tyne planters. Spraying and harvest are carried out by external contractors. RTK Greenstar is used on all farms to enable inter row planting and full stubble retention. The controlled traffic system works on replications of 12m swaths and 3m wheel spaces. There is a grain storage complex on South Bunarba consisting of approximately 18,000mt of upright silo storage and 20,000mt of bunker storage. Grain from all properties is freighted to South Bunarba at harvest and out loaded throughout the year in line with the marketing program. A combination of internal and external trucks are used for grain freight. Irrigated Farming: South Bunarba Agriculture has a total of 1,130ha of laser levelled furrow irrigation country. 970ha on South Bunarba and 75ha at Jabiru and 86ha at Yarralumby. 835ha of laser levelled furrow irrigated area is sharefarmed at Wongwie. South Bunarba is irrigated from the Gil Gil creek in the Gwydir valley. Licenses are held for general security water from Copeton Dam as well as supplementary allocation and overland flow extraction. Jabiru and Yarralumby extract water from the Boomi River in the Border Rivers catchment. Like South Bunarba, Wongwie extracts water through general security, supplementary and overland flow licences from the Gil Gil creek in the Gwydir valley. Agronomic advice is provided by an independent external agronomist based in Moree. Cotton is the predominant crop grown on irrigation ground, with a rotation of Wheat and opportunity crops such as Mungbeans and Chickpeas. Genetically modified Bollguard cotton is grown in order to reduce reliance on pesticides. Ground preparation, planting, spraying and all irrigation is carried out by South Bunarba Agriculture. Picking and major earthworks are carried out by external contractors. Livestock: Approximately 150 Angus breeders are run on South Bunarba Agriculture’s grazing country. Weaner cattle are grown out to feedlot entry weights. Bulls are sourced from Eaglehawk Angus at Inverell. Modern steel cattleyards are located on South Bunarba, Skibbereen and Coolibah. Fencing varies from new 4 barb to hinge joint and some new 6” hinge joint exclusion boundary fencing. All mustering is carried out 2 wheel motor bikes and side by side vehicles.

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