Whats is AgDraft?

AgDraft is an online marketplace for farmers to post jobs to a extended network of workers that are effectively referenced checked by their peers, making hiring quick and easy. AgDraft leverages the word-of-mouth referrals process to bring trust and reliability into online rural hiring.

How does it work?

It’s simple.

  • Employers post jobs (for free) that they need completed
  • Registered workers then make a bid to complete that job.
  • Employers can then browse the workers profiles who have made a bid for that job and accept the bid for the worker that best meets their requirements. AgDraft will put the employer in touch with the worker for them to make arrangements directly.
  • Following the completion of the job, the employer will then do a quick and easy review of the worker (that informs their profile review).

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of jobs can I advertise on AgDraft?

You can post any job that might need to be completed around the farm or home. We particularly cater for temporary employment arrangements. For example, if you have a busy time approaching such as, harvest or sowing and you need extra help. Or, if you have a fencing or earthmoving job that you have wanted to do for months but have not had the time. Or if you just need an extra stockman to see you through a busy time. Our trusted network of workers are just waiting to make a bid for your job!

Is there an obligation to hire an AgDraft worker once I post a job on AgDraft?

No AgDraft has a 'No Obligation to Hire' policy.

How much does it cost to post a job?

It is $129 to post a job

Can I trust the quality of the workers listed on AgDraft?

You can gain trust in the quality of workers listed on AgDraft in accordance with their rank via there star rating system. You can trust the employee reviews on the AgDraft website as all referees are called to confirm the legitimacy of the review, by an AgDraft staff member. The idea of AgDraft is to extend the “Word of Mouth’ network in the bush. So we are putting the power to review in the hands who are working with the employees. If a worker is given a negative review, where the employers states that they would NOT employ the worker again, the workers profile is removed from the site.

Does AgDraft provide insurance for employers who employ through AgDraft?

No. It is up to employers and workers to arrange appropriate insurance policies.

Does AgDraft provide an employment agreement between employer and employee?

The employment agreement is between the employer and the worker once the connection has been made through AgDraft. However to help you engage successfully with your workers please see our additional employers resources.

How do I select the right worker for my job?

Each workers’ profile will outline their individual experience, skill set, references from previous employers and reviews of work completed. Once you have received bids from worker, it is also possible to request further information from the worker directly through the AgDraft messaging, you can even request their contact details to discuss further.

How much do I need to pay to get my job completed?

This depends on the nature of the job and how long it will take to complete. Once you have indicated a price this will act as a guide. Willing workers will then ‘bid’ on what price they are willing to receive to complete your job. Workers bids may vary, you are then able to review their rating, skill level and profile details to choose the price and skill combination that you are comfortable with employing from your job.

Can I get in touch with the workers before I accept a bid?

After receiving bids from the workers you can send a message through the AgDraft site to firm up any details. Ensuring you feel comfortable that you have got the right person for the job. You can request their contact number to work out further details of transport, timing and anything else at this time.

Does AgDraft offer ongoing support once the worker is employed?

AgDraft will keep in touch will the employers with on tips of how to engage and get the best out of the casual staff. AgDraft is also very focused on encouraging a safe workplace for all employees and so will provide resources for you use to improve your safety awareness on farm.

What happens if I have a negative experience with the worker? Is there a way of providing feedback?

Yes, you will be asked to review your workers after they have completed a job with you. The AgDraft community is heavily reliant on the ratings system, so we appreciate honest feedback. Workers with negative reviews will be less likely to be able to secure jobs in the future.


Who can register as a worker on AgDraft?

If you have the right to work in Australia and have some previous experience and skills that align you with our farming jobs, we would love to see you register. If you are a traveller looking for on-farm work and to see more of the country-side, a contractor wanting to expand their networks or just a young person on uni-holidays and looking for work, we would love to hear from you. AgDraft is the way to expand the typical ‘word-of-mouth’ networks and find more reliable employment.

What does it cost to register as a worker?

It is free to list a profile. It is also free to connect with a job while the site is in Beta. Any changes to fees will be advised well in advance of launching our new site.

How will I know when an employer has selected me to complete their job?

You will receive an email to say you were successful in landing a job. The employer may even use the AgDraft messaging system to contact you before they have accepted your bid to talk through some detail. They are able to request your contact number from you directly, to call and discuss employment arrangements.

Does AgDraft provide insurance for workers who are employed through AgDraft?

No. It is up to Employers and workers to arrange appropriate insurance policies.

How can I trust the Employer who posted the job?

AgDraft provides a reviewing and rating system on the employee side as well as the workers’ side. Employers will be rated for every job that is assigned through AgDraft. We also provide new employers the option to list an initial review from a previous worker. So look out for AgDraft employers that have a high star rating.

Also we have strict hurdles with our employers: if they receive one bad review from a worker we will engage the employer and workers to aim to resolve the dispute. If the employer has 2 unresolved disputes their membership will be suspended.

Who pays me for my work?

Once AgDraft has put you in touch with the employer it is then up to you and the employer to arrange payment. Payment will be made directly from the employer to the worker.

Does AgDraft offer ongoing support once I have been employed?

AgDraft provides is a place for you to raise your profile as a trusted worker. We will keep in touch with tips on how to increase your profile and finding the perfect job for your skills. And let us know (via email or phone) when you are looking for your next hire so we can line up your next job.

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