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What is AgDraft?

AgDraft is the online platform connecting Australian farmers to skilled rural workers, fast. Workers of all ages and backgrounds are creating personal AgDraft profiles, complete with skills and experience levels. Farmers are posting jobs to this trusted network of workers, who’ve all been verified by previous employers.

Get Matched

AgDraft takes the stress out of finding a job or hiring the right worker. Our system cleverly matches workers and farmers based on their requirements (think relevant skills, availability, location and previous reviews) so you can spend less time scrolling. We’ll even let you know if new matches sign up online. Once notified of your matches, the ball’s in your court – you decide if you’d like to make contact or discuss further details of the work.

Find Quality

Word-of-mouth recommendations certainly aren’t new to rural communities – we’ve simply taken the concept online to create the most trusted group of farmers and workers we can. At AgDraft, we allow both farmers and workers to review and recommend each other. A good employer with a strong star-rating is more likely to lock in excellent workers who’ll settle in fast on-farm. Same goes for well-reviewed employees – they’ll be rewarded for their hard work and snapped up into great positions.

Save time

With our easy-to-use platform, employers will simply spend less time searching for labour and chasing up references. Workers will spend less time hunting for the right job. On farms, we know that finding the right fit first time, everytime, is the best way to get jobs done quickly and enjoyably. Thanks to our background in both family farming and corporate agriculture, we know the challenges first-hand. We’re passionate about making the Australian industry more efficient. We also want to give you more time to do what you love. Let us help you speed up every step of the hiring and job-hunting process, from listing your profile or job, to making the final decision.

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